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About My Playful Gardens

Playful Gardens was created in 2011 by Sam Panton, Landscape Designer and owner of Terra Design Studio an established landscape design firm located in Sag Harbor, New York. Along with his wife Kenna, artist and mother of their 2 children aged 6 & 9, they embarked on a journey of transformation in their own garden which lead to the further development of ideas which culminated in the creation of My Playful Garden- Think beyond the play set.

Sam Panton

Born in Manchester, England, at the age of three Samuel Panton moved with his parents to the Cotswolds, an area rich in historic gardens, farming and fruit orchards. Here he spent many summers working on farms.

In 1997 Sam graduated with a BA in Landscape Architecture from the exclusive Landscape Architecture School, Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. He immediately started working for Land Use Consultants in Glasgow. After many hours in RCAHMS (Royal Commission of Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland) Sam developed a deep understanding of design principles from historic records and later based his thesis on his findings.

In 1999 Sam completed his Masters degree in Landscape Architecture. Wanting to explore a little, he followed a job offer to New York. After nearly 3 years of employment, Sam set up Terra Design Studio. Following the principles of a multi-disciplinary practice he now has designers working with varying backgrounds such as architecture, landscape architecture, landscape contracting and interior design. Sam and his artist wife Kenna have a home in North Haven and enjoy spending time outdoors with their two young children.

Kenna Mackay

Born and raised in Scotland, Kenna Mackay moved to the US after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Architectural Glass and Furniture Design.

Practicing and developing skills in various artistic disciplines, and with running her own studio, Mackay has drawn from life experience and training to provide unique work.
As a mother of two children, her methods developed within her home and garden through art and nature has been the source of inspiration in the work and vision she provides to Playful Gardens."

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