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In the Community​

The Eco Walk

Sag Harbor Elementary School


“Long Island is such an incredible glacier deposit. We want to teach the children what natural landscapes exist around us through a pathway,” said Panton, adding he and his fellow Local Eco Works co-founders, Ed Bruehl and Heather Saskas, want to create interesting learning opportunities.  

“The connecting of the schools is meant to serve as a reminder of the unison of our community, and the connected path that all the children of our community will follow,” says the Eco-Walk’s mission statement.

"The Sag Harbor Eco Walk will incorporate an outdoor classroom, an outdoor lunch area, an "edible garden," and five unique ecosystems incorporating different landscape zones to educate students about local flora and landscapes."

"The design, which includes native plants, trees and grasses, will make it easy for the community to be in charge of upkeep; with the greenhouse and the planned organic garden, the students will be able to see the full cycle of planting, harvesting and composting."


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