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Ideas for the Playful Garden

Water features - (Interactive and recirculating): water pump, waterfalls, creek, trough

Edibles - Custom raised bed planters, “food forest,” berry bushes, fruit trees, asparagus hedge,

Sandbox - Sand play: a place to “weigh, mix, pour, and tunnel” Innovative ways to edge and enclose for cleanliness and esthetics

Hills - Slides, Tunnels. Reshape site topography to create non-programmed spaces of varying scales and types

Sitting area - Tree stumps, logs, hammocks, reading nooks located in the shade

Structures (dens and hideaways!) - Tree house, teepee, cold frame, compost bins, rain barrels, storage space for equipment, toys, and tools. lookout point (bird watching and astronomy),

Art and Music - Sculpture that doubles as furniture, built-in chalkboards, Custom outdoor instruments: oversized drums, large chimes etc . . . 

Local eco-systems/habitats - Woodlands, bay, ocean, wetlands. Birds, butterflies, and insects. Nature stepping stones can be customized to showcase species present.

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